I prayed for this

Prayed for 25 times.

Joy Brown

My long time best friend, Laurie Benedict, whom you have prayed for before is requesting prayer. She fought metastatic breast cancer and is still receiving some chemo after having her ovaries removed almost a year ago. Her “markers” are not drastically high but they do keep steadily rising. These “markers” measure someone’s chances of developing cancer. She has a PET scan next Thursday (23rd) and is very scared.

There are some family quarrels as to who can see who, when and how, due to her extremely low immune system and Covid, among any other germ. This is mostly between grandparents being able to see grandchildren - but they are still quarantining in order to help Laurie. They are both in their early 80’s, Bonnie and Jerry.

She has a heart condition that complicates matters. I don’t understand it fully but the doctors say it’s as if her heart is constantly having teeny tiny heart attacks.

She has a husband, Dave, and 16 year old daughter. She and her daughter have not gone anywhere except the cancer center (Laurie only) and her parents’ home who are also quarantining for their daughter’s sake for the last TWO YEARS and 3 months. Her husband does work outside the home but wears an N95 all day and eats his lunch in his car away from his coworkers.

Thanks for praying for my friend and her family.

Received: June 16, 2022

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