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Geri Gellman

Request from January 13, 2020

My husband Michael Gellman has shingles on his face and neck; extremely rare Ramsey Hunt Syndrome. He has facial paralysis; 10% do not recover and lasts up to 2 months. Must drink through a straw, and tape eye shut at night. Pray for healing.

Update - June 7

The paralysis appears to be permanent. He cannot close his one eye, cannot move his mouth on the one side, has lack of taste issues and has to wear an eye patch to bed to protect his eye. He still has to drink thru a straw including coffee. Must cut up sandwiches with a fork and knife.

Michael has surgery in early July to sew part of his eye shut and to insert a little gold insert in his eyelid to maybe help close his eye. We have been using, per a doctor, electro-stimulation which has shown some improvement but not enough. Please pray that we see more improvement before surgery that we can cancel this horrible surgery.

Michael has to wear goggles to mow the lawn. His speech is affected. He wants to retire from full time work July 3, 2020 and work part time but with what he looks like, he is concerned he will not be able to find part time work. he is over 66 and does not want to work full time until I retire in 2 1/2 years due to my age.

Thank you,

Geri Gellman

Received: June 7, 2020