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Beth Hamblin

For Gabe. I got a call from school that they thought he was about to have a bad seizure. He never went into full convulsions. Just left sided weakness, eyes rolling into the back of his head, slurred speech, unable to come up with simple things, eye drooping, some trimmers. I called neuro and got to him. Got his rescue meds in. She called me an hour later to check on things because neither of us wanted him to be admitted to children’s if at all possible. We would have done what we had to but we were going to try everything to keep him out. Thankfully he came around which kept him from being admitted. We were in the middle of a med change which always causes issues even the slights change. We are going to go back up on the med we were moving around in the am for right now. And if needed go up in the evening as well. We will see how this weekend goes. Our NP stayed with me on the phone while I drove to Gabe to see what was going on. They are an absolute blessing. Gabe is pretty complex but they are always amazing! We love our team! Please pray not only for Gabe but also for sweet Alli. My sweet sweet Alli who was so worried about her brother that once he got calmed down came over and prayed over her brother. She a blessing. I am so blessed to be their momma! Even in the middle of the craziness there was the peace to surpass all understanding absolutely a God thing!

Received: September 5, 2020